Wind Down Wednesdays


The feedback we keep getting over and over again is to have a way to connect with this same group of women outside of our regularly scheduled events. AND... we want a way to connect with women who support the Mindful Moments mission who are not based in Austin! 

After deliberating on all of the wonderful feedback, and taking time for us to sit with what feels most life-giving to each of us, we have decided to launch Wind Down Wednesdays—a monthly series where you can connect with a supportive community of other women seeking to find (and refine!) their unique self-care practice. Think of this as a beautiful mix of a mindful living accountability group and a self-care brainstorming haven.

We promise to provide a safe, uplifting, and supportive environment for you to share openly and honestly about what's going on in your life. We want the focus to be on genuine connections and heartfelt conversations, and we sincerely hope you'll join us! 

So, what is it exactly?

Let's gather once a month for rich conversations that will fuel our mind, body and spirit.

  • 90-minute video calls every month co-hosted and facilitated by Mandy & Maggie
  • These calls will be an opportunity to share what has and hasn't been working for your self-care routine
  • We'll also email out a discussion topic, resource, or reading before the call to help us all stay motivated & inspired
  • Each call will be recorded so that even if you can't make it, you may still keep up on the conversation
  • And... you'll get exclusive access to an ever-growing, members-only resource page full of curated self-care tools that we love & use

Who is it for?

All women who express a desire to deepen their self-care practice, and crave moments of stillness.

As a part of Wind Down Wednesday, you vow to openly share your struggles and triumphs, to solemnly keep confidential that which is shared by others, and to offer supportive resources and feedback to help any other members.

How do I sign up?

We have two options to hopefully accommodate all budgets.


$8 / month
Cancel anytime
Rejoin anytime


$80 / year
One-time payment
Receive 2 months free!

*Both plans are non-refundable.

Are the calls already scheduled?

Yes! Go ahead and mark your calendars for these dates! 

January 31
February 28
March 28
April 25
May 30
June 27
July 25
August 29
September 26
October 24
November 28
December 19

each call will take place 6:30-8pm CST