Mindful Moments began when two Austinites realized they both had a desire to create a space where women could connect and develop a meaningful self-care practice.

 Photo credit:  Brio Photography

Photo credit: Brio Photography


Mandy came to Mindful Moments as a way to give to others. Her work as a wedding planner showed her just how stressful life can be for everybody – from fellow business owners to the everyday woman. As a yoga instructor, she also knew that this stress could be managed through better self-care.

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 Photo credit:  Misty Bradley

Photo credit: Misty Bradley



One of Maggie’s core values in life is creating space for others to bloom. Through Mindful Moments, she makes space for people to connect outside of the typical transactional networking event while discovering their own self-care practice.

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our hope

Mindful Moments is a life-giving passion project for both of us, and we are hoping that through our own journey to discover how we can live a more holistic and present life, we can provide an opportunity for others to explore with us.  

Our hope is to simultaneously forge a path and walk it with you. Mindful Moments is a community that was created just for you to connect, discover, grow, and cultivate a self-care practice that deepens your life.

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.
— Anne Lamott