Tuesday, Sep. 18, 6-9pm
Location: Twyla

For our September event, we are honored to be partnering with Whiskey & Pearls and Bravely for a collaborative event catered towards all things wellness.

We're exploring what makes us feel good on every level. From physical to personal to professional, we're bringing together pros who can help you feel your best. The night will be about helping you do just that - discovering different techniques, tips and exercises to help you feel your best.

We’ll be starting the night off with a guided meditation for the entire group, and then we’ll have our own booth where we’ll break into small groups and discuss the topic of living mindfully.


Wednesday, Nov. 7, 7-9pm
Location: TBD

We are finalizing the details for our next event! Go ahead and save the date, and we'll be in touch soon with more details.