Because self-care isn't selfish, and you deserve to take time to explore what rejuvenates your soul and sets your heart on fire. 


Join us for one of our self-care events, where we showcase
different self-care techniques, taught by seasoned healing arts professionals,
so that you can discover what exactly what it is you need
to continue performing at your optimum capacity.

Mindful Moments crafts unique self-care events
that connect self-identifying women inside a safe space
where we can pursue growth, discovery, movement,
and stillness within our busy lives.

Will you join us?


about us

Find out about the two gals behind Mindful Moments, why this is such an important passion project for us, and discover a full slate of womxn who inspire us on the daily.

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Take Time for yourself

Are you ready to recommit to yourself? Our curated self-care events are a great introduction to the wide variety of healing arts so that you can find what works best for you.

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